07. 2023-10. 2023Instructor: 
Han TuGroup Member:
Yuhang Chen/Lixin Liang/Fangzhou HeMy Role:
Text Anaysis (Natural Language Processing)/Data Visualization/Group Conceptual Design
Why are reviews of dishes at the same Cantonese restaurant so divided? What words do you use to evaluate the same Cantonese restaurant? What are the different preferences for Cantonese food in different cities? In this project we compared Cantonese restaurant reviews on Yelp made by Chinese and American foodies from six cities in the U.S. To visualize and map our findings, we conducted a text analysis of the reviews using the Python NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit) library. We then conducted a sentiment analysis, measuring the differences between the positive and negative ratios of “foodies” reviews. We found these differences arising from personal experiences and history(s). Based on these findings, we designed an app, (Cantonese cuisine exchange platform), where users not only explore Cantonese restaurants in different cities but gain a deeper understanding of how food connects different cultures and personal histories.

Background - Cantonese Food Spread

Storyboard - Reviews variance & Insights

Word Frequency Map - Natural Language Processing

Cuisines - History of High Frequency Mentions of Dishes

Combining Chinese and American reviews of Cantonese restaurants, we identified frequently mentioned dishes and their historical relationships.

User Interface Design - Cantonese cuisine exchange platform

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