Timeline: 02.2023-08.2023Instructor: Prof. Fabian WinklerGroup Member: So Young SongMy Role: Website Design/Group Conceptual Design/
Group Animation Design
“Go, Grow, Glow” is an interactive outdoor projection mapping installation funded by Purdue University. Referencing ideas of sustainability and community, the work allows visitors to influence simulated mushroom growth and propagation. They do so by changing their proximity to trees which serve as large scale screens for projected real-time 3D animations of various mushroom types. 

We bring mushrooms from nature to campus and create an experience that is engaging, both visually and intellectually. We try to use this creative way to activate our public spaces and create fun, uplifting experiences for participants.
The project was awarded in the Communication Arts 2024 Interactive Annual Competition.

Mushroom & Sustainability

We are sharing the living space with fungi, including mushrooms which play a critical role in driving the world further toward sustainability. Throughout the whole process from growing to harvesting, mushrooms require far less resources than other crops. They can also be an adaptable source for production in packaging, fashion, and even construction.
Mushroom & Community

Mushrooms symbolize community through their interconnected mycelium root system, which unifies them against external challenges. Each mushroom, while individual, cooperates within this network, contributing to its collective strength and expansion. As on our community, where each person, though an individual, is part of a larger whole.

Go Grow Glow was shown at two sites on the Purdue West Lafayette campus simultaneously as part of the orientation event on the nights of August 17 and 18, 2023.
Each site featured a different tree with different types of virtual mushrooms growing on it.

Tree at Memorial Hall
Tree at Purdue Memorial Union (PMU)

Pleurotus rickii (for tree at Memorial Hall)

Rhodotus palmatus (for tree at PMU)

Campus is A Big Playground

The system of this project functions like a game. Typically, the mushrooms disperse spores by the wind or insects. In this project, the participants will play the role of “insects,”
and the campus can be a big playground. The mission of participants is to across the campus to help mushrooms to reproduce. 
During this process, participants will get opportunities to explore and become familiar with the campus.  

Go - Spreading Journey

Join a fun adventure across Purdue campus! 
Hunt for different mushroom spots, spread joy like spores, and discover all the cool and hidden parts of our campus.

Grow - Cultivate Conversations and Knowledge

Check out our fun art installations where you can chat, laugh, and learn with others. 
Plus, visit our website for a fun-filled digital journey, where you’ll expand your knowledge of mushrooms, sustainability, and community!

Glow - Illuminate Society

Light up your world by sharing your adventure! Everyone gets a fun mushroom sticker that connects to our Instagram. 
Post your experiences with our hashtags and inspire your friends online with your mushroom stories!

Move closer to the tree and cultivate interests  Twinkling light

As participants interests grows, mushroom grows  Mushroom grow

As participants’ curiosity peaks, the mushroom releases spores  Mushroom releases spores and leaves hints for next tree

Stickers and T-shirt

Website: gogrowglow.art


Participants were deeply involved in every aspect of the project, from facilitating the growth of mushrooms to helping spread spores. 
Their engagement sparked meaningful discussions, with questions like ‘How might mushrooms be utilized sustainably in the next decade?’ 
Additionally, our Instagram account witnessed vibrant engagement as followers actively shared posts, photos, 
and videos using the hashtags #MushroomMatters and #GoGrowGlowArt.

1st Iteration of Go Grow Glow

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Email: wang5268@purdue.edu