Time: 10. 2023Instructor: Haotian ZhangGroup Member: Yuhang Chen/Zebing ZhengMy Role: Animation Making/Camera Path design
for a bat’s journey in the city
The project focuses on creating a series of animations with a narrative of a bat’s journey through Hong Kong. The challenge is to visualize their experience, which is based on echolocation, a sensory process differing significantly from human vision. The method involves using Blender’s geometry node and visual scripting to accurately represent the bat’s perception of the city, considering the slower speed of sound and the bat’s rapid movement. This approach aims to shed light on how these animals perceive and navigate the urban landscape.

Investigating the bat’s jorney and 3D scanning the city, rendering the point clouds in Blender.  In the Blender, designing the camera paths and a bat’s headmovement.

Editing point clouds in Blender geometry nodes

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