02.2020-04.2020Individual Work
This project serves as a reflective response to the pandemic in 2020. It offers a critical perspective on the discriminatory behaviors and social inequalities that were magnified during this period. The project consisted of two outputs, redefined anti-epidemic products and a narrative video, aiming to make people reflect on the potential consequences of discrimination.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put society in a state of stress. When the anxiety over the virus is projected onto entire social groups, discriminatory behavior emerges. COVID-19 was considered identified in Wuhan, China, led to significant discrimination against Asian people. Beyond this, the pandemic has exposed potential structural inequalities and intensified racial discrimination.

Redefining Anti-epidemic Products

In response to the discrimination caused by pandemic. I redifined two aniti-epidemic products, masks and protective clothing and transformed them into anti-discrimination products. Along with these products are a set of protection mechanisms designed to block physical assault and verbal harassment. 


This video invites viewers to reflect on the potential consequences of discrimination. It portrays individuals who are subjected to discrimination. To protect themselves, they wore cone-shaped protective clothing and shield masks. Despite their desperate search for shelter, they find themselves with no where to go, ultimately seeking solace in desolate, forested areas. 
Isolated and alone, they become silent witnesses to the harsh voices of discrimination.

Wearing Sharp Cone protective cloth and Reflective Shield mask, The protagonist walking from lively crowd to forest, a journey from a socially dense to a more isolated environment.

Everywhere the protagonist goes, the road is filled with discriminatory sounds emanating from electronic devices

Where to go? Confronted with the reality of widespread discrimination, the protagonist checks the map then realizes the discrimination existed all over the world.

The protagonist decides to walk deeper into no man’s land, stepping into an unknown, barren landscape.

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